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Located at the center of Italy, Lazio is home to both the religious and governing seats, making it truly the heart of the country. Five provinces are located in the region: Latina, Frosinone, Viterbo, Rieto and Rome, as well as the Vatican City. Named by ancient Latin inhabitants, the region was originally known as Latium, from the Latin “latus”, or “wide”, describing the partially flat region. The city of Rome was established in the 8th century BC; the region grew as the Romans conquered neighboring areas. The Roman Empire eventually fell and after the region entered a period of struggle, Lazio became one of the Pontifical States.

Lazio is perhaps the most visited region of Italy, as tourists flock not only to see and experience the art and architecture but also the beautiful natural landscape and wilderness. From ancient castle walls to mountainous expanses, historic landmarks to side streets and alleys, Lazio offers a remarkable look into the many facets of Italy.

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