John F.

Campania, Lazio, Tuscany

  • Languages English, Italiano
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About Me

Expat Nationality

Italian / American

Expat for

40 years

I lived in Italy for

40 years

When friends/family visit I like to

Undiscovered wineries outside of Rome

What best describes you?


Favorite music/movies


In my free time I like

Hikes and Nordic Walking in hills

General about

Father was a sculptor. We came to Italy when I was ten so that he could learn casting methods from the old artisans. After staying in Florence for a while we moved to the UK. Eventually, I ended up at the University of Washington Far Eastern Institute studying Russian and Chinese languages and culture. A few years later went to UC Berkeley to study at Information School.

Did undergraduate and graduate work in French, then Russian, and finally Chinese.  Went on to Berkeley's School of Information Studies to study economics of information. My wife and I managed to secure fellowships to study in Florence. Once in Italy we never came back.  I have been working on cybersecurity projects, environmental issues, and general digitalization issues in the public sector.  Whenever possible we go out to sample some of Italy's incredibly diverse wines and regional cuisines. Am interested in taking people around "off the beaten path" to discover some of Italy's "hidden" treasures.

My wife and I came back to Italy for further studies and I found a series of jobs in Florence and Rome. I worked in local government for over 25 years as a Networking and Systems Specialist and then as a Solutions Architect. Developed an interest in Italian wine and have been enjoying the vast selection of different wineries in Italy ever since.

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