Alexandra T.


  • Age 38
  • Languages English, Italiano
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About Me

Expat Nationality


Expat for

6 years

I lived in Italy for

6 years

When friends/family visit I like to

 I like to take them to a food market for the atmosphere and amazing ingredients before cooking up something delicious.

Food market

What best describes you?

 A Londoner by birth, but with a Roman soul. Endlessly fascinated by this city, but in particular the little details, stories and legends which aren't included in the guidebooks. I love philosophy, plates of amatriciana and wine - not necessarily in that order.

Favorite music/movies

TV – Breaking Bad, Music – 90s Indie

In my free time I like

Exploring hidden corners of Rome and beyond, aperitivo with friends, visiting galleries and museums and trying new restaurants. I started trying to learn calligraphy during lockdown, but so far I have just achieved ink drops on the carpet...

General about

I would be more than happy to share my endless love for Rome, and Italy with anyone who is interested. I have a wide and varied knowledge of the city which should cover most types of travellers!

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