Catalin V.

Lazio, Lombardy, Tuscany

  • Age 21
  • Languages English, français, Italiano, Español
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About Me

Expat Nationality


Expat for

3 years

I lived in Italy for

1.5 years

When friends/family visit I like to

My focus is help celiacs and those who are gluten intolerant to plan gluten-free trips to Florence, Italy. I have a full list of gluten-free restaurants, celiac-safe experiences (like a pizza making class), hotels that can cater to celiacs, and information for celiacs about navigating food labeling and what Italian vocabulary is helpful to know. My travel consulting is super personalized and I really try to just act as a resource so celiacs feel as comfortable and confident as possible before their trip to Florence.
I have also started to expand to Rome and Milan.
I have also started to expand to Rome and Milan.

What best describes you?

Very friendly, talkative, and silly :)

Favorite music/movies

My favorite music is rap in multiple languages (usually Italian and French). My favorite movie is Eat, Pray, Love. My favorite Netflix shows are Emily in Paris (English), Baby (Italian), Hookup Plan (French), and The Parisian Agency (French).

In my free time I like

I love to travel, find new restaurants, learn new languages, cook, read, and dance.

General about

I spent a semester abroad in Spain in high school and then in college I spent my senior year solo backpacking through Europe. I was writing my undergraduate thesis about celiac disease and how easy or difficult it is for celiacs to live in different countries. I discovered how incredible Italy is for celiacs and decided to move here.
I specialize in recommendations for celiacs. So, all of my travel recommendations revolve around how and where to enjoy safe, gluten-free food in Italy. Travel can feel very scary to celiacs but it doesn’t have to be! Italy is wonderful for celiacs but it’s hard to know that unless you talk to someone who lives here and understands the ins and outs (like me!). If I had a friend visiting Florence, the #1 place I would take them is Quinoa because it was the first completely gluten-free restaurant to open in the city. Plus, I have tons of other great restaurant suggestions.

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