Bethany H.

Campania, Lazio, Tuscany

  • Languages English, Español, Italiano, Deutsch
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About Me

Expat Nationality


Expat for

8 years

I lived in Italy for

6.5 years

When friends/family visit I like to

The view from the amphitheater in Fiesole (w/Aperitivo or musical concert)

What best describes you?

British TV detective series, baking/cooking and gardening shows, Marvel movies.

Favorite music/movies

I used to work in radio so all genres of music, comedy or thought-provoking movies /TV.

In my free time I like

Visit museums, conduct excavations, jigsaw puzzle, cook or take cooking lessons, sit by the river with a glass of wine.

General about

Seasonal sagras, specialty Sunday markets in Piazza Santo Spirito, daytrips to Livorno to eat seafood, outdoor museums to combine nature experiences with cultural ones (e.g. Pratolino), disability/accessibility-friendly tours.
I'm a Black American woman finishing up my PhD studying the influence of ancient Egypt in Imperial Rome. I also work on Italian reception of ancient Egyptian and Egyptian-style material through the ages. I am an advocate for accessible archaeology and work a lot using 3D models to bring material culture to people who don't normally visit museum spaces. I am an adventurous foodie, and I have taken many courses such as cheesemaking and pig butchering and pasta making. I have theater training so I am an excellent public speaker and I am a regular guest lecturer at the high school and university level as well as to the general public.

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