The Who, The What, and The Why of XpatPAL

Extraordinary Personalized Experiences are at the heart of XpatPAL.

Joel, the founder of XpatPAL is a traveler, but not a great planner. Much to the dismay of his wife, during their honeymoon in Italy they would often find themselves wondering the streets for hours looking for inspiration and experiences beyond the popular tourist attractions.

A few years later on a business trip to Rome, Joel had a casual conversation with an American expat who grew up in New England near Joel. The man had been living in Rome for the past decade and recommended some of his favorite things to do and places to go. These recommendations transformed an ordinary trip into an extraordinary one.

On the plane home, Joel was sharing his experience with the person sitting next to him, and seeing the excitement in that stranger’s eyes he knew he had something. This is where the idea of XpatPAL started.

XpatPAL’s mission is for every trip any traveler takes to be personalized, memorable with off-the-beaten-path experiences that you can never find in a guidebook or get from a hotel concierge. XpatPAL uncovers experiences that you would only know about from real people living in the area and community as well as the common “check list” items.

We are transforming the way people travel by connecting travelers with like-minded local expats for personalized recommendations. Expats have a unique perspective of a location because they arrive as visitors but establish themselves as ‘locals’ through their daily activities. They’re also regular tour guides when their family and friends visit, so they have a good understanding of what visitors want to see.

The team at XpatPAL has a network of 2500+ expats with a combined 100+ years of hands-on experience in the expat community. We are passionate about traveling and exploring new places beyond the traditional tourist attractions.

XpatPAL transforms ordinary trips into extraordinary personalized ones.

Travel Through and Post Covid

Covid-19 has changed travel, maybe forever. But change means to adapt, not stop.

Most of us have been in our homes for too long and are ready to get back in the air. Those first few trips need to act as a release from a bad year as well as a step to getting back to a more normalized existence.

With a lot of expectations, the best way to ensure a great experience is a trip personalized to your personality.

Personalized travel not only speaks to seeing what you desire but also to do so within your own comfort level. A lot of places can tell you where to get a great meal but only someone physically close to that restaurant can let you know if the servers have masks on or off. Or let you know when the best time of day is to see a certain attraction because the crowd will be manageable.

XpatPAL’s platform ensures you have access to trustworthy and current local information that will enhance your travel experience. We are the closest thing to having a trusted friend in your destination and in the know.