Sonia C.


  • Age 43
  • Languages English, Italiano
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About Me

Expat Nationality


Expat for

13 years

I lived in Italy for

13 years

When friends/family visit I like to

The Royal Palace & Gardens

What best describes you?

I’m a wife, mother of 3, and passionate about the city of Turin.

Favorite music/movies

Music: Pop, R&B, Rock, Rap; Music: Comedies; TV- Documentaries, Comedy, Drama

In my free time I like

Photography, Baking, Exploring the city

General about For almost 13 years, I have dedicated a blog about life in Turin. Unfortunately, the city doesn't get much recognition despite being the 4th largest in Italy and having hosted the Winter Olympic games in 2006. Now I use my Instagram to continue to promise the city, especially with Eurovision coming in May 2022.


Danny Ingerrson

Danny Ingerrson

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