Matthew H. B.


  • Age 51
  • Languages English, Italiano
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About Me

Expat Nationality


Expat for

30 years.

I lived in Italy for

30 years.

When friends/family visit I like to

The Duomo, it is the greatest building on Earth.

I love Tuscany, the cities, the countryside, also, I love Elba, it is my favourite vacation place in Tuscany.

What best describes you?

I am an artist, I paint in oils, I also help American students in a Pensione that I help to run.

Favorite music/movies

I grew up in the 80s.

In my free time I like

I love gardening, going for rides on my motorcycle in Tuscany, and painting of course.

General about

I am an artist, that means that my expertise would be in art and art history, not from a scholarly point of view, but from an active painter's perspective. I can give insights into the work of the great masters that you will not find in any guidebook, because the insights are my own. I have studied the life of Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Botticelli, and many others. I can point out details that many people just can't see because my eye has been trained by many years of reproducing realistic subjects on my canvases. To see what I am talking about visit my website:

"Il Duomo di Firenze" oil on canvas / 130cm x 160cm / ©2020, Matthew Holden Bates, Firenze / private collection
"Entering the Duomo" oil on canvas / 100cm x 125cm / ©2012, Matthew Holden Bates, Firenze
"Lovers in Santa Croce" oil on canvas / 75cm x 100cm / ©2020, Matthew Holden Bates, Firenze / private collection

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