About Me

Expat Nationality

Australian/Greek dual passport expat. Singapore 9 years

Mykonos 6year + now 5 years

Brussels 3 years

Dubai 18 years

Expat for 40 years.

When friends/family visit I like to

Depending on who is visiting, we will do what is best suitable to their taste, and sometimes throw in something unexpected

  • Visit the wonderful beaches
  • Eat at local Tavernas
  • Eat at some fancier places
  • Visit different beach clubs
  • Go to any exhibitions
  • Visit Delos
  • See some entertainment which is available
  • Visit the town and shops
  • Go for sunsets at different points on the island
  • We might just go do some local market shopping and cook a feast at home

What best describes you?

  • Mature, but young at heart
  • Loves being surrounded by good friends and family
  • Sharing good food and wine with wonderful people
  • Traveling, and exploring
  • Skiing
  • Love my sunrises, sunsets, powerwalks, and yoga
  • Cooking, entertaining, and sharing
  • The arts: Theatre, Musicals, Concerts, Museums, Movies, I love it all!!!
  • Fashion & Design
  • Historical Sights
  • Reading

Favorite music/movies

  • I love classical, 80’s 90’s, all the gay anthems, rock and roll, instrumentals, chill house, except for head banging music, I love it all
  • My favorite movies are: Metropolis, Bladerunner (original), James Bond (the older ones) , any Baz Luhrmann productions

In my free time I like

  • Relax
  • Go to the beach
  • Read, Play Wordle
  • Bake
  • Potter

General about

I was born in Melbourne Australia, of Greek parents who migrated there in the 50’s, and I was fortunate enough to be born and have a great childhood in such an open and free country surrounded by unique nature, and amazing beaches.
I love to travel and have also been fortunate enough to have done that a lot over 40 years. I was so lucky to have a backpacking traveling experience when I set out in my younger years, travelling through Asia, America, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. I experienced travelling in many different forms since then, from being on a shoestring budget, escaping a couple of wars to 5-star experiences.
My passion is hospitality, and it has been there throughout my journey. I love working with teams to create amazing events which come to fruition, I love celebrations, my own, and creating for others.
Food and wine are one of my favorite pleasures in life. I love the experience from the most local, to the most extravagant. What can come from great produce and be created and put on a plate by passionate creative wonderful people, I love it! Also, what can be bottled, by all those incredible wine producing families. I love the stories behind family run businesses
I have been blessed to have my partner, and together bring up 3 amazing children, who are now young adults. It is so great to watch them evolve, and to see their journey unfold. Sometimes a little scary, but all good!
I love to have a good belly laugh, and a dance.

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