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Trip Planning
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  • Someone who does not have any of their trip planned and is not sure where to begin
  • Someone who is limited with time and does not have the time to plan their trip
  • Someone who is overwhelmed with the options and information
  • The traveler who wants to make sure the flow of their trip is maximizing their time and money
  • The traveler who needs expert advice on transportation, activities, day trips, hotels, restaurants and anything related to their trip


  • All services included in the Trip Advisory service 
  • An exchange of emails and phone calls to discuss the trip
  • A complete itinerary including recommendations on accommodations, transportation, activities, day trips, hotels and restaurants
  • A finalized itinerary delivered within an agreed upon schedule
  • Contacts while the client is on their trip in Italy for suggestions or advice they may need


The client will contact the Pal with their request, and we will respond with a preliminary email confirmation and any follow-up questions we may have. After we have received a deposit payment of US$250, we will start working on the trip providing updates and asking questions along the way.

Once a finalized itinerary has been prepared, we will invoice for the remaining balance.

Once we have received payment, we will send the client a customized itinerary. Pal’s will be paid their fee when the itinerary is received by the client. All payments will be done through XpatPAL’s secure payment platform.