Campobasso, Isernia


This is one of the smallest regions of Italy. It is relatively young when compared to other regions. Molise was established in 1963 when Abruzzo e Molise was split to yield two regions. However, its history can be traced to the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century, which gave way to the invasion by Goths and Languebards in the 6th century. When the Saracens invaded in the 9th century, they left a trail of destruction spanning from Isernia, Alife, Telese, Boiano, Sepino and Venafro.

In the 11th century, Molise fell under rule of Norman Hugo I of Molhouse. At his succession he gave the region the name of ‘Molise’ and his assumed the title of Ugo II Count of Molise. Under the reign of Ugo II, the region was included to the Province of Apulia (Capitanata) and it remained so until the 17th century when it gained autonomy and became part of the Abruzzi region. Following massive destruction, worsening economic conditions, and massive emigration it was restored back to Italy. Administratively, Molise is divided into two provinces. Campobasso province is the regional capital. The other province is called Isernia.